Corporate Gym Memberships

The most important people in any workplace are its staff. Offering a corporate gym membership can improve their wellbeing and have huge positive outcomes, both for them personally and the business.

At VR Leisure we know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we offer great discounts for corporate memberships. If you want to invest in your people, sign them up to a VR Leisure membership.

Joining the VR Leisure family lets you focus on you and your goals, while being in a supportive and friendly environment.

From beginners to career athletes, you will find everything you need under one roof with the support and community vibe to achieve your goals and promote a stronger, positive outlook on your mental well-being.

Why is Staff Health & Wellbeing so Important?

It’s a known fact that regular exercise improves productivity through an increase in energy, reduction in fatigue and overall increasing positivity. Therefore, offering a corporate gym membership to your staff is a great way to increase efficiency within your team!

It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise reduces stress. With state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming, friendly environment, VR Leisure is the perfect place to destress after a hard day or get ready for the long day ahead.

Do you often find yourself lying awake at night getting frustrated by not being able to fall asleep? Regular exercise is a great help in improving your sleep, meaning you wake up fresh and ready for whatever the day brings.

When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid, these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy.

Regular exercise is well known to improve our overall mood and self-confidence. By setting your self goals and sticking to them, you will find you self-confidence grow and grow.

Regular exercise may help ease depression and anxiety by releasing feel-good endorphins and other hormones that make you feel good.

Ever feel sluggish or tired all the time? Regular exercise or physical activity that gets the heart rate up and the blood flowing and releases endorphins that is going to raise your energy levels.

Ready to Get Started?

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