How to enjoy exercise: 5 ways to help you fall in love with fitness

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How to enjoy exercise: 5 ways to help you fall in love with fitness

Exercise is something that is commonly perceived as a hobby that you either love or hate. This is for any number of reasons such as thinking of going to the gym as a huge effort (especially on dark winter days), the feeling of intimidation by other gym-goers who may be further along on their fitness journey or simply not understanding how to work the high-tech machines! Luckily, you have the friendly team at VR Leisure by your side. Here are five ways to help you fall in love with fitness, exercise and the gym.

1. Little changes to your daily routine Starting off simple, don’t take away all of your happiness and joy. It’s all about balance so start off with small, sustainable and manageable changes. For example, eating a healthy breakfast, walking to work or getting off the bus one stop earlier in order to walk further. With small changes like this, your lifestyle will start to change without you even noticing.

2. Exercises that you enjoy – This one is very easy, if you hate running don’t start there. If lifting weights makes you feel sick, don’t start there. Do things that you enjoy such as yoga or a beginners class. If you start off by doing exercises that make you happy. Equally, if you’re at the gym a light stroll/jog on the treadmill is a perfect start. The 12-3-30 exercise involves walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes on a 12% incline at a speed of 3 miles per hour.

3. Get the right gear – Having the right gym-wear/wearing something that makes you feel empowered is something that can be vital to your success. Not only can it prevent injury by providing protection against strain, impact or overheating, but it can also boost your confidence and improve performance.

4. What to do when you see changes – Hooray! You made it, you can finally see those hard-earned changes. This isn’t the time to slow down, carry on doing exactly what you’re doing. We often see people start to see results that they have wanted for so long, then think that the work is over. The people that reach their ultimate goals are the ones who see changes and want to put more into the lifestyle.

5. Having the right guidance, support and environment – Being surrounded by like-minded people who have the same hobbies, interests and goals as you is something that can be just as important as the exercises that you do and the food that you eat. VR Leisure has a vast number of personal trainers who are on hand to give you the support that you need. Exercise is something that works different for everybody, so having somebody that understands the results that you’d like to see is great for getting you where you need to be, quicker and healthier.

Those are just five of many ways that you can fall in love with all things fitness and exercise. Think you’re ready to hit go and make a start? Speak to our friendly team at VR Leisure today. Or skip that step and book yourself a free trial.