Setting Goals to Maintain Progress in 2022!

Now the initial steam from the New year has worn off, many of us will feel that initial motivation we started the new year with is starting to fade. So, if you find yourself feeling like that, what methods can you use to maintain progress throughout 2022?

Whilst you may have started the year with the typical new year’s resolution to “get fit” or “lose weight”, loose goals such as these provide little in the way of providing guidance or direction to facilitate any planning, motivation, or inspiration later down the line. These are 4 key factors you will need to stick to in order to maintain continued progress and achieve real results!

Lack of motivation is a common problem faced by many, although that isn’t to say it’s impossible to overcome! We’ve outlined three of the best ways in which you can stay motivated, from setting small, attainable goals to give you short-term motivation and long-term vision, ultimately helping you to effectively organise your time and make the most of your exercise routines!


Fitness goals are an essential part of a successful wellness journey. By setting goals, you are better able to hold yourself accountable, show yourself what you are capable of and push yourself through difficult moments on your journey to make long-lasting change!

We recommend starting slow and setting small attainable goals. You are more likely to maintain success when you set up realistic and obtainable goals. Suddenly dropping a stone or quitting sugar overnight is not only unrealistic but will more than likely negatively affect both your physical and mental health!

A small attainable goal may be something like going to the gym 3 times a week. It’s certainly more achievable than going to the gym every day, which will more than likely lead to an injury or you quickly burning out. Rather than trying to do it all at once and overwhelming yourself! Simply work on getting into a healthy routine, making small changes to both your diet and exercise routine.


Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! Exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle should be something enjoyable, so make your exercise routine work for you. Do your homework, try new ideas, and research which workouts and exercise types work for you then focus on them!

Ultimately, exercise falls into 4 primary categories, Endurance, Strength, Balance & Flexibility. It is more than likely you will be suited to or simply enjoy one of these primary categories more than others. If you personalise your goals, include classes and activities you enjoy, maintaining exercise within your daily routine will become easy! We offer a range of classes within all 4 exercise categories at VR Leisure. From circuit sessions on Sundays to weekly Boxercise, Spin and Weight training group classes, there’s something for everyone!

Personal Trainer

A proven method of reinvigorating your motivation for exercise is enlisting the help of a personal trainer! Personal trainers can work with you to set realistic targets, provide support after setbacks, and switch up your exercise routine with worthwhile alternatives to keep it fresh and engaging!

Our trainers at VR Leisure employ regular fitness challenges for all to engage with, utilising equipment you may often avoid within the gym! Take for example the girder rope challenge, chances are you’ve never heard of it before! This grueling exercise is a game-changer! It involves pulling the weighted girder rope for as long as possible without stopping. Challenges such as these break up the monotony of typical training and instill a sense of comradery within the gym to motivate members to work outside of their comfort zone!

Regardless of how you choose to pursue your exercise goals, rest assured our friendly team are always on hand at VR Leisure to help motivate you! That being said, should you want to make the most of our facilities, we offer personal training and group sessions regularly in the gym. Simply speak to one of our team members in-house or via our social media channels to learn more.